Jewellery Wire Drawing Machines

The WD4 , WD6 and WD10 PASS drawing machines are designed for drawing gold and silver wire.

The drawing process takes place through a series of drawplates with calibrated holes that decreasing by 0.1 mm in diameter

Features of Wire Drawing Machine:

  • Heavy Duty Sturdy metal frame that holds the motor,
  • Transmission Drive with Speed control drive
  • The cooling liquid tank and Sprayer
  • The unwinding reel,
  • The motorized winding reel with adjustable clutch.
  • Steel plate form for longer durabalitiy

This drawing machine comes with interchangeable steel reel winders for winding the drawn wire. The machine frame has a cast iron support, a metal base, and a heavy duty cast iron drawing roller. The winding reel has a plate-type clutch with ring gear and adjustable ring nut on the transmission that permits gradual start-up of the machine to prevent the wire from breaking. All of the transmission parts are mounted on bearings and have oil bath lubrication and a special filter applied to the scavenge pipe to permit recovery of metal filings. The machine also has safety guards and devices.

Specification of 4,6 and 10 Pass Drawing Machine

Wire Passages 4 WD 6 WD 10 WD
Main Motor 1 HP 2 HP 3 HP
Cooling Motor 0.25 HP 0.25 HP 0.25 HP
Max. Wire Dia. (Gauge / mm) 20 / 0.91 18 / 1.22 16 / 1.63
Min. Wire Dia. (Gauge / mm) 36 / 0.19 36 / 0.19 36 / 0.19
Weight 265kg. 345kg. 485kg.
Overall Dimension
Length 800mm 1100mm 1300mm
Depth 450mm 630mm 700mm
Height 1020mm 1200mm 1140mm

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